Why Africa?

The world’s second largest and second most populous continent, Africa as a whole comprises 54 countries and more than a billion people.

For 15 years, growth rates have averaged over 5 percent, and rapid population growth holds the promise of a large emerging consumer market as well as an unprecedented labour force that – if leveraged – can provide significant growth opportunities. Africa needs everything – infrastructure, education, healthcare, consumer goods and retail – and can pay for it.

  1. Africa is larger than China, the USA, Western Europe, India, Argentina and the British Isles combined.
  2. Africa’s middle class is bigger than India’s and by 2020, half of African households will have discretionary power.
  3. The African workforce will swell to 163 million in this decade and by 2035, it will be bigger than China.
  4. With 60% of the world’s potential farmland, Africa could become an agricultural powerhouse.


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