Business Consulting, Multilingual Information & Linguistics Management

  • Assistance on strategizing and planning content localisation initiatives;
  • Identifying the most suitable software package to manage large or ubiquitous contents;
  • Reviewing and simplifying source contents that may be too complex to be adapted;
  • Resolving issues that are inherent and/or bequeathed during project development cycles;
  • Managing location-based project resources and activities;
  • Implementing multi-level quality assurance;
  • Collaborating with clients and their stakeholders, clients’ appointed web development or digital marketing agencies on foreign language initiatives, including pre- and post-project reviews;
  • Identifying and managing clients branding tone-of-voice and terminology preferences;
  • Customisation and management of TM (Translation Memory) libraries and dedicated technical glossaries; and
  • Archival of multiple format contents and project file assets.

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