Meet Deepti, our Manager of People and Culture, bringing over 13 years of experience to our team. Her journey is defined by her specialised knowledge in Industrial Relations and Employment Laws, supported by a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Human Resources Management and a Masters in International Business from Curtin University.

Deepti’s extensive experience extends to holding a key Industrial Relations Advisory role at Business Mauritius, where she influenced operations across the primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors of Mauritius’ private sector. She collaborated with international organisations such as the ILO and the SADC Private Sector Forum, gaining exposure to the African labour market and further enhancing her global perspective. Amidst her career ventures spanning diverse sectors including Manufacturing, Telecommunications and IT, where she has led hands-on general HR Operations, Deepti also prioritises the human element of workplace culture with a focus on fostering genuine connections among colleagues, ensuring that every individual feels valued and supported.

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