Credentia is an independently owned group offering financial, advisory and related services to private and institutional clients. Our strategy is built on three principles: providing our clients with the best-in-class service, being the pioneer in whatever we do and focusing for the long term.

Nested at the heart of Mauritius’ International Financial Centre, on the solid foundation of principled commitment and credibility, the team at Credentia and our Founder, Mr K. S Sanjeev Gopaul’s philosophy and innovative vision continue to shape our actions. Our independence implies that we are free to concentrate on the interests of our clients and to pave the way for their economic success.

Our credo “Redefining the Art of Service” perfectly encapsulates our vision and beliefs. It stimulates our team to set the bar higher and higher while serving our clients. It is the driving force for the success of both, our clients and Credentia.

We operate under two brands, namely Credentia International and Credentia Global. Credentia International focuses on the capital markets, fintech and global business segments whereas Credentia Global specialises in the outsourcing and conciergerie services.

Our Eco-System