Ranjana, has over 20 years’ extensive experience in both the Financial Services and the Banking Sectors with an insatiable thirst to learn. There has indeed been and continues to be multiple challenges in an ever-evolving world which has eventually forged her personality and conviction to always unlearn and relearn. Ranjana has experienced a highly gratifying career and she is excited today looking at the next decades as if she was in the beginning of her career.

She has successfully managed High Net Worth Individuals at AfrAsia Bank and the Mauritius Commercial Bank. Ranjana has been instrumental in setting the Mauritius office of a reputed Dubai-based boutique wealth firm as Head of Business Development and Strategy and the private client services cluster of a leading financial conglomerate. Her career thus far has taken her to London, New York, India, Dubai and multiple countries in Africa. Ranjana has worked with the Financial Services Commission and the Economic Development Board and other recognised institutions such as the United Nations and the Commonwealth Business Council.

An economist with a UK master’s degree in International Relations, Ranjana is a member of the International Compliance Association (ICA) UK, the Mauritius Institute of Directors and The Boardroom Africa. She is currently wrapping up her Certified Compliance Manager at the Global Compliance Institute, Australia and her PhD. She also champions and volunteers for Child Welfare, Animal Protection and Nature Preservation. Buzzwords she swears by are Ethics and Compassion and her favourite leisure is Wall-Art.

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