Committed to you, wherever you are, Credentia is here to help you in a richer and more meaningful way; with a transition into the business space, your new global horizons.

Advisory, financial and outsourcing services are our foremost areas of expertise. We have a committed team of experts who excel in their respective fields and provide superior solutions accompanied by a personalised touch to your requirements.

We offer resources and solutions to our Clients in four areas of expertise:



  • › Advisory & company secretarial services
  • › Capital-raising and corporate finance
  • › Advice on setting up business
    in Mauritius
  • › Facilitation services with the authorities and service providers
  • › Expat services
  • › Establishment of offices
  • › Relocation services
  • › Work and resident permit applications


  • › Financial compliance
  • › Regulatory compliance
  • › Technical compliance
  • › Onboarding
  • › Outsourced compliance


  • › Legal and tax structuring
  • › Company and trust formation
    and administration
  • › Limited partnerships
  • › Foundations
    › Fund and investor services
  • › Investment structuring
  • › Taxation services
  • › Nominee services
  • › Listing and IPOs
  • › Captive insurance services
  • › Intellectual property holdings


  • › Accounting
  • › Compliance
  • › Information technology
  • › Back-office administration and support

Where Credentia is headed, in Mauritius

While the future can’t be predicted, certain trends are unfolding: technology and innovation are proving a tremendous catalyst for the country’s financial services sector, accelerating the digitalisation journey that had already been trending, well before the changes in the current dynamics.

The new normal has given rise to a drastic increase in online transactions and remote working, causing not only an extension of the cloud to the edge but also leading to a significant transformation of the digital workplace. Hence, organisations in the financial services are turning to the next generation and adapting to innovative and technological ways of conducting business and trading without necessarily minimising the human footprint.

With the services that Credentia as a group provides to its Clients and Partners, we distinguish ourselves from the rest by ensuring cohesiveness with the regulatory bodies; we stand apart by tailoring each Client’s needs specifically to their business conditions, therefore meeting their needs for more traditional fiduciary, offshore and residential structures while moving towards more technological and fast-advancing services which are available in Mauritius but are not yet utilised to their strategic and profitable capacity. We will continue to accompany our clients towards the future and be a step ahead to help them reach their vision faster in the best possible conditions.

The future of banking and financial services is online, so it is imperative that industry leaders such as Credentia move towards more flexible, intelligent and agile environments. Keeping the latter in mind, our team focus on providing you with timely information on how things are changing so that you as a client can plan to navigate your vision towards advancement.

Digitalisation in banking has also become a must in this modern era. Cheque transactions, Internet Banking, mobile banking, cross-border transfer of funds, among others, are just a few examples of the evolution of the sector in Mauritius.

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has been considering fintech and regulation technology (Regtech) in an attempt to support innovation in financial services, while addressing the regulatory and supervisory challenges posed by emerging technologies. The FATF has agreed to initiate a project on investigative best practices related to virtual currencies/crypto-assets, and more recently virtual assets to assist law enforcement in the light of the growing risks.

Moreover, the recent outbreak of COVID-19 has led the Central Bank to urge the population to resort to digital transactions carried out on their Internet Banking and Mobile Banking platforms and use contactless card payment during the lockdown period.

In general, Mauritius has taken significant initiatives in joining the trend for digitalisation. Concrete plans have been proposed by the Government to harness the real potential of digital technologies and Credentia International is climbing on the bandwagon early, joining the innovative thinkers of tomorrow.

Several sectors have different regulatory institutions, but the Government is aiming at converting the institutions into a single regulatory entity which would provide for a standard, transparent regulatory system. The Financial Services Commission is the core service provider that enables financial institutions like Credentia to cater to clients who are looking to move with the times.

We provide you with a 1Klick way forward for all your needs, including Financial Services Licensing requirements to set up your business onshore and offshore, Consultancy, Outsourcing some of your services requirements in accounting and compliance, assisting you to establish a physical presence in Mauritius with working employees catering to your clients’, information on other facilities such as schooling for your children, medical assistance for the maintenance of a healthier lifestyle and investment opportunities for residential purposes.

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