At Credentia, we believe that human talent, expertise and experience can make a difference in the way we deliver unparalleled, exceptional and consistent service whilst propositioning a way to operate the day to day.

With a high-calibre team carefully selected individuals and a solution-oriented work environment, life at Credentia thrives on a culture that supports talent, openness, ambition and coherency.

As we soar towards our journey for growth and continue to do things The Credentia Way, we remain committed to building incredible relationships, understanding our clients’ interests and helping them pursue their financial services aspirations and accomplish their vision.


Isabelle Orian

Head of Business Development & Talent Management

Isabelle has a Human Resources, Compliance and Corporate Administration background and nearly three decades of career experience in Financial Services and Corporate Strategic Development in business onshore and offshore working with clients from all over the world. She joined the Credentia International Management Ltd Team in July 2022 to enhance business opportunities and develop new lines of services which we as a Company can offer our clients while carefully hand-picking an experienced team of talented and qualified professionals to cater for our clients and their corporations.

Isabelle brings with her enormous experience in client focus and satisfaction, having been an approved officer by the Financial Services Commission in Mauritius and held the following positions during her career:  Managing Director and Principal of another Management Company in Mauritius, Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) and Deputy MLRO and Executive Trustee, Head of Business Development and Sales.Her dynamic, ethical, spontaneous, think-out-of-the-box attitude and her ability to connect with people on a professional and humanitarian level have brought about building long-lasting relationships with clients all over the world.


Tariq Caramtali

Head of Legal & Compliance

Tariq Caramtali holds an LLB (Hons) degree from the University of Wolverhampton, UK. He is also a Member of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) with the CAMS designation and an Affiliate Member of the International Compliance Association (ICA), UK. He followed the Bar Vocational Course at the Council of Legal Education, Mauritius, during the year 2006.

Tariq has a combined working experience of more than 10 years in the Legal/Global Business sector, and he joined Credentia International Management Ltd in August 2020. He heads the Legal and Compliance Department and is also an approved Compliance Officer & Money Laundering Reporting Officer by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius. In addition, he has a wide exposure in Foundations, Trusts, Corporate and Fund Administration. During his career at renowned firms, he has been extensively involved in assisting both local and international clients on various aspects of Global Business, including entities’ structuring and drafting of legal and other corporate documents, thus imparting him with much experience in the Regulatory and Compliance fields of the Financial Services sector.

Besides, Tariq is a registered MQA Law Trainer and apart from devising course outlines and contents, he also provides regular professional training, both in-house and public, to practitioners from the financial services, banking and insurance sectors on various aspects of Compliance-AML/CFT, Trust and Foundation.


Ranjana Gujadhur

Compliance Manager

Ranjana, has over 20 years’ extensive experience in both the Financial Services and the Banking Sectors with an insatiable thirst to learn. There has indeed been and continues to be multiple challenges in an ever-evolving world which has eventually forged her personality and conviction to always unlearn and relearn. Ranjana has experienced a highly gratifying career and she is excited today looking at the next decades as if she was in the beginning of her career.

She has successfully managed High Net Worth Individuals at AfrAsia Bank and the Mauritius Commercial Bank. Ranjana has been instrumental in setting the Mauritius office of a reputed Dubai-based boutique wealth firm as Head of Business Development and Strategy and the private client services cluster of a leading financial conglomerate. Her career thus far has taken her to London, New York, India, Dubai and multiple countries in Africa. Ranjana has worked with the Financial Services Commission and the Economic Development Board and other recognised institutions such as the United Nations and the Commonwealth Business Council.

An economist with a UK master’s degree in International Relations, Ranjana is a member of the International Compliance Association (ICA) UK, the Mauritius Institute of Directors and The Boardroom Africa. She is currently wrapping up her Certified Compliance Manager at the Global Compliance Institute, Australia and her PhD. She also champions and volunteers for Child Welfare, Animal Protection and Nature Preservation. Buzzwords she swears by are Ethics and Compassion and her favourite leisure is Wall-Art.


Vishwanathsing (Mike) Purmah

Acting Chief Operating Officer - Activity Licences

Mike is a skilled professional with more than 12 years experience in accounting functions in the offshore sector, including working for KPMG to gaining further expertise in the taxation field. He has been associated mostly with client accounting and tax functions in his professional journey.

Mike is an ACCA Member since 2019 and is at present the Corporate Accounts Manager at Credentia International Management Ltd and is mainly associated with client accounting for Investment Dealer Companies being the Special Licences categories. Mike is a bright and promising key member of the Credentia management team and emphasises more on efficiency and quality services being provided to clients.

He is passionate about equestrian racing events as he believes that the right move at the right time is the key to maintaining a leading position and winning in both a race and a professional career.


Ashna M. Dhurma-Banarsee

Deputy Acting Chief Operating Officer - Activity Licences

Ashna brings nearly two decades of experience in accounting, auditing, global business and financial services to her role as Corporate Accounts Manager in the Special Licences Team at Credentia International Management Ltd.

Holder of a BSc (Hons) in Accounting from the Oxford Brookes University in London and nearing completion of her ACCA professional qualification, Ashna possesses significant strategic leadership and business development skills. In her role as Corporate Accounts Manager, she has been applying her expertise and interpersonal skills to oversee the day-to-day accounting and administration of a portfolio of Investment Dealer Clients.

A motivated and determined leader with strong managerial and administrative abilities, she believes in strong team dynamics. Ashna is an extremely assertive and organised individual who always knows how to handle tight deadlines.

She draws her Zen attitude and critical thinking from her lifelong passion for dancing. She greatly admires this discipline and practices regularly on a professional level. She firmly believes in the philosophy that had a huge impact in her leadership style, “You both win and lose as a Team”.


Poushma Narain

Assistant Manager – Licensing & Onboarding

Holding a Diploma from the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA), Poushma has more than 10 years’ experience in the Global Business field and her skills and exposure have been concentrated on mainly activity licensed companies. Being of a meticulous and precise nature with an honest, ethical and accountable approach, she has excelled by exceeding client expectations and is greatly respected by her peers and clients alike for her dedication and hard work.

In her current role at Credentia International Management Ltd, Poushma is the forefront of the Company, focusing on the onboarding and licensing of new entities providing our clients with a taste of the high level of services they will obtain from our team forthgoing.



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