“After more than 10 years’ experience in the Offshore Sector in the Accounting and Tax field, I was given an opportunity to join the Credentia team in the year 2020, as Corporate Accounts Manager to explore the Accounting side of the Activity Licence entities. During my journey, Credentia has offered me the platform to also understand the Administration and Compliance functions of the Activity Licences entities which contributed to my professional growth till date. The Credentia management team continuously provides support, adheres to meritocracy, and encourages people to work at their best ability. After two years of dedication and hard work, my efforts were recognised and I was promoted as Chief Operating Officer for the Activity Licences where my roles were extended in terms of managing people, participate in management projects and enhancing client services to ensure top notch services.

On a concluding note, I am very grateful to Credentia for all the opportunities being given till date and I am looking forward to further heightened my technical expertise and continue my value-added contribution towards Credentia.”

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