I met Sanjeev Gopaul ten years ago when I was still in Germany. At that time, I had set up my first company in Mauritius, with Credentia providing me with expert advice and support. Since I migrated to Mauritius in 2015, I have been involved in setting up many global business companies, trusts and foundations for clients from all over the world through Credentia. During this time, I have seen Credentia International gradually grow from a small company to the medium-sized, owner-managed advisory firm it is today.

I can say with conviction that Credentia International has at all times acted in a very professional and client-oriented manner and that all of my clients have been served to their complete satisfaction. I value Sanjeev Gopaul as an extremely competent, discreet and innovative entrepreneur who knows the market intimately and has a broad horizon and clear vision. I can wholeheartedly recommend working with Credentia International.

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