Mike currently holds the post of the Chief Operating Officer at Credentia International Management Ltd. He leads the Activity Licences Team of Credentia and oversees a portfolio of entities having activity licences issued by the Financial Services Commission.

Mike joined Credentia Group in 2020 as Corporate Manager of the Activity Licences Team. After demonstrating a strong sense of work ethics and commendable leadership skills, he was entrusted with the responsibility to lead the Activity Licences Team comprising of administrators, compliance staff and accountants.

Today, being the COO of the Activity Licences Team, the latter has many responsibilities and sits on the board of special licence entities. He is an approved Officer of the Financial Services Commission.Having gathered local and global knowledge in the Big Four environment, Mike offers unique perspectives and breakthrough insights in his current position at Credentia. Also, being an ACCA Member since 2019, today, Mike has gained analytical skills in the financial services sector and deep understanding of financial markets that enable him to specialise in global markets entities.

As a Certified Chartered Accountant, Mike’s strengths lie in his insatiable curiosity and passion of learning new techniques, which he indulges by pouring into his duties and responsibilities. Mike has been a good coach to his Team Members in the matters of IFRS, Taxation and Special Licences.

He is passionate about equestrian racing events as he believes that the right move at the right time is the key to maintaining a leading position and winning in both a race and a professional career.

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